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Charcoal & Graphite
2006 - 2012

Jason has used charcoal as a base sketch medium for his painting before he started using them as a main source for his charcoal art pieces. His free hand sketches for human figures have been a major focus during his college year studying Visual Arts as a minor. These works have been recovered from an archive.

— Solo Exhibition 2012 —
Formulae_LARGE 2.jpg

Endurance (Formulae)

Charcoal and Colored Oil on Canvas 

10 x 6 feet

June 2011

Endurance (Formulae) 1.jpg

Solo Exhibition

Location: John Labatt Visual Arts Centre

Date: May - September 2011

Jason's interests in mathematics and visual arts have driven him to create a large scale live model drawing that he translated onto raw canvas. His exhibition titled Endurance (Formulae) shows many mathematical equations that ultimately come together to formulate a human body. The equations themselves have various meanings, which were inspired by his background in mathematics major.

I've always kept two things in my life:

sketchbook & personal diary.

The Sketchbook
— Personal Diary and Notebook —
Featured Works
— Selected works for limited time viewing  —
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