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2008 - 2020

The Korean Calligraphy landscapes have been produced by artists thousands of years ago. This particular collection was inspired by the moek paintings (Korean traditional ink paintings), where the visible brushstrokes movements showcasing the way subject matters are depicted. 

Quiet Window.jpg

The Blossom Window

Oil on Canvas

24 x 36 in

October 2018

The Installation
— Private Collections —
Muk Graphic.png

I like getting inspirations from various time periods of my life. I remember when I was a little boy, my grandmother gently grinding her inkstone to make her meok so she can write her calligraphy.


The Inkstick


Inksticks (Chinese: 墨 Mò; Japanese: 墨; Sumi; Korean: 먹 Meok) or Ink Cakes are a type of solid ink used traditionally in several East Asian cultures for calligraphy and brush painting. Inksticks are made mainly of soot and animal glue, sometimes with incense or medicinal scents added. ​

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Dan-Ho-Pung-Jeong by Artist Shin Yun-Bok

Dan-Ho-Pung-Jeong  by Shin Yun-Bok.

 The painting “Dan-Ho-Pung-Jeong” depicts the women washing their hair near a stream, resting under the shades, or riding a swing. On May 5th of the lunar calendar, when the summer heat begins, people stopped working in fields for a while, put on new clothes, and gathered together to cook and eat delicious food. On this festive day, women washed their bodies in the stream and their heads with water infused with iris and enjoyed the scenery. Likewise, the culture of enjoying nature has been an everyday culture for Koreans.

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