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The Skewed
2006 - Present

Jason uses contrasting colors and shapes to representation his figures - bold colors juxtaposing with other lighter tones and are seen throughout his early paintings. His playfulness in creating various textures with mixed media also stems from his emphasis on the importance of cross-disciplinary works seen in his education. 

Couple in an Armchair.jpg

Couple in an Armchair

Acrylic on Canvas 

Approx 48 x 72 in

June 2007

His gestures are infinite, never seem to cease. I saw him working day and night in my classroom producing such beautiful pieces at such a young age. His methodology of depicting subject matters with lines and colors is like watching an orchestra. 

- Dough Moore, Art Professor (1948-2010)

The Installation
— Private Collections —

The studio is my only get-away place protecting me from the outside world. It is also the only place I am truly connected to the world

Jason in Studio.jpg

Photo: Jason's base line work

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